The “second skin” isolation

The idea is to isolate the boat with a flexible waterproof isolation material and gluing it fully to the hull. With the hope that in case of collision even if the outer hull breaks the “second skin” will keep the water outside the vessel.

I will be making some trails on how easy it is to upgrade a vessel with a “second skin” and what further experience I will make with this.

The “lazy Jack Reef”

Reefing the main sail can be quite challenging. Therefore my idea is to combine  the common Lazy Jack with an easy reefing system which will fold the main neatly on the boom. It should be quick and easy to use from the cockpit for single handed sailing.

I will be reporting when I have fitted my experiment “Lazy Jack Reef” to my main and boom. Afterwards I will let you know how it is working.

The “wave energy generator”

The idea is to collect the energy from the waves while sailing, giving the vessel a smoother ride and help the newcomers throwing up less. I hope that this will generate looots of energy ; ) To leave the Diesel safely on shore.

I will be updating about how this project is going.