2018 Winter Neustadt in Holstein to Cuxhaven Germany

It had been too quick to relies what been happening when I went to Neustadt in Holstein, Germany to really buy my first sail boat. I had inspected the vessel before once with my little knowledge of sail boats and the eye of an engineer. But that day 22.10.2018 it felt like just saying hello to the previous owners and then my little home went straight to the water – too quick. Everything been very new to me, how it works to get the boat in and out the water – I been the only one getting my vessel in to the water all others took there’s out for the winter. Everything been new and not easy at first to manoeuvre my little boat to through the harbour. I been happy the engine been working right at the first start. (But I been certain that there are some issues coming up with it and that it might not be strong enough for the 8m and asked to make clause in to the contract. But that did not help after all, which I would be learning into the month to follow. )

I have not even been very excited when all that happened to me. Just a bit nervous whit manoeuvring my little boat. I it’s been quite unreal, it just happened to me. The first night sleeping in my new home been as wired as all that day. I could hear the water everywhere things where making noises, I got up many times too look out and inside what came from where and how to get it silent. And I stayed uncertain if water would stayed outside the vessel.

I been doing a few smaller sails in and out Neustadt with one of the pre owners and my mum once, not daring to just sail by myself, thinking to dock with one person is too difficult. It’s not been my first time sailing but it would also not be over exaggerated  in saying it felt like it. And my other sailing “experience” I been more a passenger then a real co-sailor. But I been happy to have to learn and really understand things. And I knew or hoped to never stop learning. 

There been plenty of smaller fixes needed to be made, still not knowing what is relevant and my list of to do’s started to grow (and never stopped growing). My first bigger project had been to get the wind steering system working. After getting my windpilot from Peter in Hamburg (which I been happy to meet in person) I had to build an construction around the rudder to fit it on to. Having no space to work and always in the hurry. The more I progressed on it, the less happy I got with my construction and I still think it’s not the quality I want. but having put the right paint at the end of the process made it look worth not redoing it for some time.

One friend – my first co-sailor – went with me for about two weeks helping me greatly (the only problem been he did so well that I entrusted him a bit too much sometimes). On our way from Neustadt to Cuxhaven every sailing day been very adventurous and we learned in big steps. I would say now its all been easy and super safe but in those moments we experienced most things the first time and been quite exited. The moments been to name some in short: Being the skipper and skipper on one’s own boat, heading to a new harbour, getting in to bad weather and with the worry of having to high waves and having to change plans reeling too much on GPS precision, sailing at night time before Kiel, going through the look – Kiel Canal, and having engine problems when entering the look on the Brunsb├╝ttel side of Kiel – Canal, having made my first major strategic mistakes and then having to sail to Cuxhaven in fog – being scared by seeing huge dark shadows (a big one leaving anchorage on the side).

In these last few days problems just accumulated and people been advising me not to sail the North Sea in the winter pushing me to the decision to fix up my little boat at one place and not just on the way. I thought it would be quick, just  few weeks but I took me six month to leave Cuxhaven. More about my fix up please check my post on it.

Up and in to the water
Up and in to the water
We had the harbours all for our self : )
Fog but we could not leave the boat for two week so we went to Cuxhaven

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